• “I have to give a shout out…”

    A.L.Lasiter, California US

    "I just had my first phone consultation with Gab Giac's. She is incredibly wonderful and informative. I am very excited to be working with her. I highly recommend! This all can be very overwhelming and confusing. She was able to easily explain the path to take for my sweet lil girl and provide a lot of useful tools and resources. I feel so enlightened!"

  • “Gabi gave us so much more than what we expected. Her knowledge and skill is amazing.”

    I have a 4 and a half year old son with Down Syndrome.

    I have spent 2 years trying to manage his numerous food intolerances and digestive issues via a specialist (and expensive) nutritional medicine doctor, without much luck.

    I turned to Gabi for advice on how to manage his diet as I thought this was where I was going wrong. As a naturopath I know she would be able to get me advice.

    In our first consult she gave me advice on diet, supplements, and recommended further blood and stool testing.

    Once we got the tests done that she recommended we realised that my son had a parasite. This test recommendation changed our life. It has not been recommended by anyone before Gabi.  We were able to treat this as a result , which will have long term benefits for our son.

    In addition to this we had been trying to work out why his skin was mottled. Numerous specialists couldn’t let us know why this was occurring.  In regards to his skin Gabi identified within 24 hours what was causing this. We were then able to treat this accordingly to her recommendations and fix his issues.

    Without Gabi we would still be trying to work out what was wrong with our child, with his health and development disintegrating further. 

    Gabi gave us so much more than what we expected. Her knowledge and skill is amazing. She is treating us so thoroughly and effectively and she is also saving us money on the doctor we were using whilst getting a better outcome.

    We can’t thank Gabi enough or recommend her more to others.

    Thank you Gabi xo

    C. E. Pullenvale, Brisbane.

  • “We can’t thank Gabi enough for driving us in the right direction”

    My husband and I were looking to find a professional in integrative medicine that could help us with our daughter's health and we were lucky enough to find Gabi.

    At the time, we didn't have any clue what was going on with her. To be honest, she didn't look that bad at all but not superb either and as parents we were wondering why the constant colds, glue ears and respiratory related ailments as well as lack of energy on some days but according to the Paediatrician all was fine.

    We can't thank Gabi enough for driving us in the right direction. After a full blood test and following the protocol Gabi recommended, our daughter has more energy and even though the weather doesn't help sometimes with her colds, the frequency and intensity has decreased. We have also seen positives changes overall and expect those to continue.

    Thanks Gabi for your professional support and invaluable knowledge.

    A.N. Australia

  • “You wouldn’t believe how excited I have been not to have dry, cracked and uncontrollably itchy hands or body!”

    “I have been meaning to message you anyway because for a couple weeks now I haven't really had any eczema on my hands! Just a flare up of spots that I worked out are a reaction to the fine prickles on home grown cucumbers 😂

    You wouldn't believe how excited I have been not to have dry, cracked and uncontrollably itchy hands or body! Especially in this heat!”

    T.G. Australia

  • AWESOME Skype appointment tonight!

    S. Barnes, US

    "My mother-in-law is a nurse and was thoroughly impressed, as well as intrigued by some of the recommendations. I feel much more confident now in my path forward, having a support system and a go-between with new pediatricians. It’s really nice to have support from the healthcare community. I really wish Gabi success on this new adventure she is on. Maybe that's why I feel such a weight lifted? Just knowing I have a little bit of backup. Parents can do a lot of research and studying, but man... it's really detracted from enjoying my daughter's first months of life and my first six months as a mother."

  • Gabi Giacomin is the gut Goddess!!

    K. Fattore, US

    "We recently had a skype appointment with her and are very pleased. I highly recommend you setting up an appointment with her and going over treatment options, she’s the best! She has a lot more in her bag of tricks than she shares here on Facebook and she can individualise a treatment plan based on your child’s symptoms, so you can get the ball rolling asap. She’s also extremely affordable so all children can be seen and treated. She has convenient evening appointment hours that can easily be set up and managed here, The Conscious Pod, you will not regret it!"

  • Gabi is an asset to this group and to the world of DS.

    D. Lawrence, US

    "As scientists, we can only do so much, at that point it's time to turn you over to our docs. Gabi has complete access to our research and we are on hand for her 24/7 . Gabi is a SAC healthcare provider, an honor she earned by her education, ethics and training in DS biochemistry. She and Dr Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan have both been added to our SAC as health care providers for the same reason. Just think your doctor has a whole team of scientists to work with."

  • Humbled with gratitude

    K. Fattore, US

    "We see both Dr Gabi Giacomin and Dr Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan via Skype/FB video chat and am beyond grateful for their guidance, expertise and individualised treatment plans! Literally not a day goes by that I am not immensely grateful to have these doctors at my fingertips, even nights and weekends! I’ve been a nurse for over 15 years and have never been graced with such a blessing. Humbled with gratitude for these ladies."

  • I am so excited and so happy: THANK YOU SO SO MUCH !!!

    “AMAZING NEWS that I have to share with you…Georgia's ears are now all cleared  YAY (no more pus !!!!) Both ears are dry. We saw Georgia's ENT this morning and everything is perfect and told me to keep doing what we are doing as it is working  I am so excited and so happy: THANK YOU SO SO MUCH !!! Her speech is getting so much better in the last few weeks YAHOO!

    We also saw Georgia's Physio this morning and she is so impressed with Georgia's development!

    I can't thank you enough for everything you are doing for our beautiful Georgia  You are truly amazing at your job, I am so grateful to have you part of our journey with Georgia! I just want to give you a BIG HUG!!! 😉

    G. A. Brisbane, Australia

  • I just wanted to say a very big thank you for Gabi Giacomin

    K. Jane, Australia

    "I manage a DS support group in Albany, Australia. For today's meeting we used Skype, and had Gab Giac's as our guest speaker. She is such a knowledgeable and easy to talk to person, not to mention extremely affordable for the knowledge she holds. If anyone is looking for someone to support and guide them on this journey in regards to supplements, blood tests, improving overall heath and much much more, I would highly recommend you take the time to book an appt with her."

  • I’m blessed to have Gabi as my child’s Naturopath.

    Jenny Yeung, Singapore

    "She's knowledgeable and empathetic. I love her style - friendly, approachable, and straightforward. I lack medical knowledge so I really appreciate Gabi's concise yet comprehensive interpretation of my child's blood test, stool test, etc. My child has Down Syndrome and there are so many things to work on: her gut, her brain,...her whole body. I would be clueless without Gabi's Naturopathic program. So, thank you, Gabi, for journeying with us."

  • It’s life changing

    J.E. Eedy, Australia

    "Well Flynn has been on the Nutrivene for about 2 weeks now, still working up to the full dose but in the past 2 weeks he now sleeps all night instead of waking at least once and we just heard him say eat this morning while doing signing at breakfast time! He has also now used 2 signs (more and eat) a few times!

    Since introducing solid food at 7.5 months old, Flynn has battled constipation. We used just about everything available from foods known to help with constipation to medication, and in the early days this would even result in the use of suppositories, and it wasn’t pleasant for him or us. We finally stabilised him but only by using medication daily and some foods. Whilst it helped the treat the problem, it didn’t help find the cause nor was I happy with a toddler having to have medication so regularly.

    It's life changing for Flynn and us (It's a huge relief to know your child is not constantly on the fine balance of being constipated and suffering). I can't wait to tell the Paed all the positives we've seen!"

  • So refreshing…

    T. Giles, Australia

    "So refreshing and exciting chatting to Gab Giac's today! Finally feel like I might get to the bottom of my eczema issues."

  • Such a massive thank you ❤

    T. H., Australia

    "Hi lovely, I am not sure if you know, but Ben’s heart has healed at his last scan 3 months ago & they have told us he will be discharged from cardiology in 2 years. Such a massive thank you ❤"

  • Thank you Gabi Giacomin!!

    M. Bacsik, US

    "We just started the protocol that you meticulously came up with for us and are already seeing huge improvements!! She had the best walking day ever and best day at speech and her stomach has gone down tremendously. Her stomach has always stuck out super far and it is almost flat after just a few days. We are absolutely amazed!! I really feel that we will finally get her gut, thyroid, and reflux in check. Thank you <3   Compared to other Naturopathic Practitioner's we have seen, Gabi really took the time to research everything specifically for our daughter (history of seizures and severe reflux) and wrote up a wonderful report that included clickable links where I could find the products and other cheaper options available which I really appreciated."

  • Thank you so much.

    T.B. Awusah, Nigeria

    "Dear Gabi,

    Thank you so much.  It was awesome connecting with you. You cannot imagine how comforted i feel after talking with you. Its been a very lonely journey trying to figure out how to help my daughter but i feel so supported now. Thanks for the great work you're doing. Thanks again and God bless."

  • Thanks to Gab both my son and I are doing very well

    G. Herculano, UK

    "Thanks to Gab both my son and I are doing very well and are much healthier! Doctors tend to just see if "things are within range" but Gab goes much deeper and suggests solutions that really make you healthier (not the "just take some iron" approach of many doctors)."

  • You are going to rock it and change so many lives! <3 XOXO

    Dr E.H. Sheehan

    "My friend and colleague Gabi Giacomin has opened her practice! She is a dedicated and talented naturopath practicing in Australia. One of her specialties will be treating Down syndrome. I am so excited for those people that get to have her as their doctor! I know I bounce things off Gabi a lot! Congratulations Gab! You are going to rock it and change so many lives! <3 XOXO"

  • You are great Gabi!

    A. Satolo, Australia

    "May God bless you and your family. I was so frustrated and left behind before talking to you, but now I can wait to start to treat the Candida and improve Lucas’ life. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards"

  • You made me feel much better

    A. Hass, US

    "Hi Gabi!

    It was so nice talking to you, and you made me feel much better about how I am raising Olive. :-) You were so reassuring and positive! I am so glad to have you as her holistic doctor! Thanks again"

New Parents

Being the new parent of a child with Down Syndrome (DS) can be very overwhelming. Apart from dealing with the emotional roller coaster ride, your schedule becomes jam packed with medical appointments and therapy sessions immediately after you give birth.


Neurodevelopment is defined as the brain’s development of neurological pathways that influence performance or functioning. Environmental Enrichment (EE) is a form of neurodevelopment accessible to children with Down Syndrome at birth. However, despite its beneficial effects it is not sufficient

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The Institutes

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As a scientist and mother of a child with DS and part of the team who developed Targeted Nutritional Intervention, I have witnessed the growth in Gabi's knowledge of the biochemistry of people with Down Syndrome with great interest and pride. I highly recommend her as a healthcare provider and have let her know our entire team is at her disposal.

Dixie Lawrence Biochemist & Founder of Nutrivene-D

I have loved watching the growth in Gabi’s passion for learning about the intricacies of the biochemistry of Trisomy 21, and how to support it health wise, since she had her beautiful daughter. Gabi has always been so generous in sharing her extensive knowledge within the DS community online, and I am grateful for her writing these guest posts for us.

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