When you book an appointment with our Naturopath you have the choice of a One-Off Consultation OR a 3 – Step Appointment. The choice is entirely yours!

3 – Step Appointment

Step 1: Initial Screening $330.00

90 mins face-to-face Skype: Questionnaire 

The initial screening appointment is an exciting experience. The information we gather from you in 90 minutes is crucial to enable us to understand you, your child, your health concerns and goals. During your initial screening we may recommend supplements and pathology tests. To give us as full a picture as possible, we have included a questionnaire that you must complete before your appointment. This will take at least 20 minutes of your time in total. Please scan and email it back to us at c-pod@outlook.com

Step 2: Test Results $240.00

60 mins face-to-face Skype: Explanation of Test Results

A smartGUT test kit (Australia) or link to private pathology testing will be emailed after your initial consultation. You will need to order your tests or send off a stool sample if using SmartGUT. In most cases you can gather the required stool, urine or saliva samples in the privacy of your own home. If a blood test is required you will need a referral from your GP. A blood sample can then be taken from your local hospital or Pathology Collection Centre. When the results of the tests become available you will be notified by the Collection Company and at that time you can make a follow up appointment with Gabi to go through your child’s test results. Gabi will spend 45 minutes during your second consultation explaining what the results mean and tailoring a treatment plan to your individual results. Your treatment plan will be emailed to you within 1 week.

Step 3: Wellness Plan $240.00

60 mins face-to-face Skype: Follow Up 

During your third appointment Gabi would like to see you again to see how you’re going and support you to incorporate more complex parts of your treatment program.  If you are doing a Gut Healing Program she will introduce you to Stage 3 of the program which introduces foods and prebiotics for feeding your beneficial bacteria and healing the gut. During this 45 minutes we can discuss test results, diet, supplements and answer questions you have about the treatment so far. We may decide to change or add some things to your plan. We can discuss all these things during your third consultation.

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