In Australia, the demand for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is increasing. One in six Australians use complementary healthcare therapists as their main form of healthcare. Naturopaths are the dominant modality accounting for 8.7 million consultations per year [1].

Parents of children with Down syndrome have sought CAM Therapies to enhance cognition in the past. Now more than ever parents are turning to practitioners to bring about a global improvement of symptoms. The more we understand the underlying causes, the easier it becomes to improve the physiology to the point where symptoms associated with Down syndrome may no longer present themselves.

Choosing a CAM Practitioner

When choosing a CAM Practitioner for a child with Down syndrome, the most important consideration is whether they have worked with a child with Down syndrome before. Children with Down syndrome need to be treated by a practitioner with a detailed knowledge of their unique biochemistry and developmental challenges. Always contact a practitioner before making an appointment, or read their website to determine if they have the level of experience you are seeking.

Most of the Therapies listed on this website have been developed for children with learning difficulties. In most cases, the practitioners are specifically trained with relevant knowledge and experience to enable them to address your child’s unique physiology.

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