MTHFR & Preconception Ecourse by Carolyn Ledowsky

This preconception series will guide you through step by step details of what people with the MTHFR gene mutation need to do to prepare for pregnancy. And even if you or your partner don’t have the MTHFR gene mutation, this work is still a must for anyone preparing for pregnancy.

Did you know?

MTHFR mutations are present in about 53% of the population. If you are yet to be tested, there is a real chance you may carry this genetic deficiency and you will need to support your folate levels if you are wanting to fall pregnant.

But if you don’t do you still need this course?

If you don’t have an MTHFR gene mutation your folate levels may still be low due to lifestyle choices, diet and stress. So you still need to restore and improve folate levels to ensure your DNA is optimal and that all nutrients are at adequate levels to ensure you have the best chance to fall pregnant.

Carolyn Ledowsky is the founder of MTHFR Support Australia. She started the company due to a lack of resources for people with the MTHFR gene mutation, especially in Australia. Active folate is so crucial for a wide range of conditions, none more so than pregnancy. The medical fraternity offer little advice for people who have difficulty with pregnancy and conceiving healthy babies and this concerned her. It’s not uncommon for a person to have up to 10 miscarriages and for no-one to check them for the MTHFR gene mutation.

Carolyn is passionate about getting the message out to all people trying to conceive. This gene does matter! It DOES have an impact on preconception and pregnancy.

Guests who have contributed to this program include:

Dr Ben Lynch 

Dr Natasha Andreadis – IV and Fertility Specialist 

Katie Lavage – Yoga Teacher 

Nicole Bijlsma – Environmental Medicine

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