After booking an appointment you will need to fill out a Patient Intake Form. You will find this under the ‘FORMS’ heading. Print out the form that suits you, complete, scan and email to

When the day of your appointment arrives, all you need to do is wait at your computer with Skype ready and Gabi Giacomin will send you a friend request.

Once the friend request is accepted Gabi will call you on your Skype address.

Prior to the appointment you will receive a receipt for Payment including a Provider Number to claim a Health Care benefit following a face-to-face consultation.

Please Note:

  • If there are problems with the Internet connection on the day of your appointment, Gabi will call you for a phone appointment.
  • Gabi is a Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Association (ATMS) of Australia. She is insured and you can claim insurance following your consultation if you visited her personally (please email to discuss this). If you are an overseas client, you aren’t covered by her insurance.