By Gabi Giacomin

I often see children with Down Syndrome presenting with a slightly elevated TSH despite being on thyroid medication. Parents are often puzzled by this and physician efforts to increase the dose don’t always improve results.

I just saw a client who’s daughter’s TSH has fluctuated between 2.17 and 4.58 in the past 2 years despite being on Naturthroid consistently. While free T3 and free T4 have always been in range, thyroid antibodies were increasing at TPOAb – 21 and TgAb – <10. Elevated thyroid antibodies signify gut/ immune imbalances affecting the thyroid, and I decided to focus on this.

We did a stool test and have been treating the child’s gut for around 6 months now. The child was put back on the TNI protocol for basic genetic support and we used the results of the stool test and recent bloodwork to address underlying thyroid issues.

Very glad to say that 6 months later the TSH has dropped to 0.74, with free T4 and T3 nicely in the reference range and thyroid antibodies have also dropped considerably: TPOAb is now 9.3 and TgAb is <1.0, so both have dropped by around 10 points.

The only comment the Paediatrician made when she saw the tests was that the thyroid antibodies were high.

I’m very happy with this result and hope to see more test results returning like this following gut repair.…/smartGut-Microbiome-Global.pdf

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