• Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) treats underlying neuromotor deficiencies, movement and postural disorders in people with neurological impairment. Maximisation of functional ability is the goal of NDT. ‘Neuro’ means brain and nerves. ‘Development’ refers to normal movement patterns necessary for performing functioning motor skills. Neurodevelopmentalists employ techniques such as Deep Pressure massage, Skin Sensor Stimulation and Hot/Cold Therapy to improve muscle tone, posture and movement in children with Down syndrome. http://www.downsyndromeoptions.org/2013/03/ neurodevelopmental-treatment-just-one.html
  • The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) uses neurodevelopment programs to significantly improve the ability of a child with a brain injury to learn, communicate, problem solve and perform at age level or above. Their programs use techniques such as:
  1. patterning – manipulation of head and limbs in a rhythmic process
  2. creeping – moving the body forward with the abdomen contacting the floor
  3. crawling – moving the body forward with the abdomen raised from the floor
  4. receptive stimulation – auditory, tactile and visual stimulation
  5. expressive activities – picking up objects
  6. masking – increasing cerebral blood flow by breathing into a mask to increase inhaled Carbon Dioxide
  7. brachiation – swinging from a vertical ladder or monkey bar gravity/antigravity activities – hanging upside down, rolling and somersaulting http://www.iahp.org/hurt-kids/trisomy-21-down-syndrome/

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  • MNRI Therapy stimulates reflexes to facilitate improved physical, emotional and cognitive skills. A reflex is viewed as a genetic motor code for primary and conscious motor development. MNRI techniques are designed to restore neuro-sensory-motor development, integrate primary movements, reflexes, co-ordination systems and skills to enable optimal functioning, development and learning. MNRI addresses the underlying cause of dysfunction, assisting children with Down syndrome to improve postural control, motor development, fine motor coordination, speech and thinking processes, and learning skills. http://masgutovamethod.com/_uploads/_media_uploads/_source/Down_Syndrome_2-24-2015-DOWN_SYNDROME.pdf
  • The Tomatis Method facilitates a connection between auditory and listening processes by retraining the ear and re-patterning the nervous system with an ‘electronic ear’ device. It is governed by the principle that if the imperfect ear is given a chance of hearing correctly, the voice instantly and unconsciously improves. Children with Down syndrome can experience improved hearing, language comprehension and experience significant improvements in speech producing greater interest in their environment and willingness to learn. http://listeningcentre.com/pdf/02down_syndrome.pdf
  • Anat Baniel Method (ABM) is derived from cutting-edge scientific theory of how our brain learns and transforms our body, mind and spirit. The AB method accesses the brains remarkable capacity to form new connections and patterns to reach optimum levels of achievement and overcome limitations. Children with Down syndrome can improve their ability to move, think and interact using this novel neuro-movement technique. http://www.anatbanielmethod.com/children-with-down-syndrome-can-be- brilliant-learners
  • Orofascial Myology treats the muscles of the mouth and face with the aim of improving tone and movement ability. It corrects activities of the jaw, lips and tongue so that normal development and growth can proceed in a balanced environment. Therapy is aimed at improving habits such as thumb sucking, teeth grinding, range of motion and postural habits of the jaw, lips and tongue. Children with Down syndrome can benefit from this therapy for tongue placement, lip closure and swallowing. When tongue placement is improved lip closure and speech can also improve. http:// orofacialmyology.com/files/DOWN_SYNDROME.pdf
  • Homeopathy The aim of Homeopathy is to stimulate the body’s own healing ability. Homeopathic medicine is selected based on an individual’s specific symptoms and level of health. The name Homeopathy is derived from the Greek words for ‘similar suffering’ referring to the principle of ‘like cures like’. The first principle of ‘like cures like’ is that the body knows what its doing and symptoms are the body’s way of acting to defeat illness. Homeopathic medicine acts as the stimulus to this vital response, providing it with information to complete the healing. ‘Minimum dose’, the second principle, is based on the understanding that the medicine as a stimulus isn’t imposed from outside the body but works from within. Only a small enough dose to initiate the healing process is used, which is then carried forward via the bodies internal healing mechanisms. The minimum doses used in homeopathy stimulate the body’s vital response, without producing the side effects associated with conventional treatment. http://homeopathyschool.com 
  • Aromatherapy The practice of Aromatherapy uses essential oils from volatile plant oils for physical and psychological well being. When used safely and correctly the pure essence of the plant, known as the essential oil,  can provide both physical and psychological benefits. Over Ninety essential oils are included in the essential oil profile. They include Hydrosols, CO2s and absolutes all commonly used in aromatherapy. The term essential oil refers to all volatile, aromatic, natural plant oils including absolutes and CO2. Aromatherapy incorporates complementary natural additions  to essential oils such as clay, mud, sugar (exfolaint), sea salt, milk powders, hydrofoils, jojoba, herbs and cold pressed vegetable oils. As aromatherapy is a holistic therapy is discourages the use of synthetic ingredients such as perfume’s and fragrance oils. These are not the same as essential oils as they don’t have the same therapeutic benefit and contain synthetic chemicals. www.aromaweb.com
  • Kinesiology The goal of Kinesiology is to identify the root cause of an imbalance and resolve it. The issue could stem from a structural, nutritional, emotional, psychological, energetic or spiritual cause. Muscle monitoring provides the practitioner with instant access to the subconscious which stores information for the entire mind-body system. Usually, this part of our subconscious that holds our memories and information about our mental, emotional and energetic state is inaccessible. When the practitioner has access to the bio-system they are able to reinstate balance in the body quickly. At the unconscious level the patient is already aware of what is needed to facilitate healing. Kinesiology is able to access this information to assist the natural healing process. www.kinesiology.org.au
  • NAET NAET also known as Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, is a non invasive, natural and drug free solution for removing all types of allergies of all intensities. NAET is based on a combination of treatments which encompass energy balancing and testing including kinesiology, nutrition, chiropractic, allopathy, acupuncture and acupressure. One allergy is treated at a time. You may only need one treatment to desensitise one allergen if you aren’t severely immune deficient. Someone with multiple allergies may require 15 – 20 treatments to desensitise 15 – 20 environmental and food allergens. www. NAET.com
  • When choosing any therapy for your child, it’s important that you feel comfortable with both the method and the practitioner. A great starting point is to think about what areas you’d like to assist your child in – do you have any particular concerns, or are you just looking to enhance your child’s health and development? Chat to other parents who are interested in holistic health to find out what therapies and practitioners they have used and would recommend. Some therapies often work well in combination, so it’s great if you can find therapists who are happy to communicate with each other to ensure everyone is on the same page with regard to your child. The important thing to remember is that mainstream healthcare isn’t the only option – there are quality alternative and Complementary Medicine and Therapies available that can help your child to thrive, either in conjunction with or in areas where perhaps mainstream medicine hasn’t been able to provide the right solution.

Article first sighted at http://mumma-love.com

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